Saturday, January 30, 2016

Sensational Superhero Shirt! Batman vs. Catwoman! 1967 Coloring Book Cover(age)!

Back again with another nifty new find! This time, it's a great new wrap-around sublimated tee that dynamically displays the cover art to a well-recalled 1967 BATMAN coloring book! The daring Dynamic Duo swings down on a highway-bound Catwoman, in this well-designed Silver Age graphic! I had a reprint of this terrific tome in the early 70s, and always loved this indelible image (the interior coloring pages weren't exactly aesthetically anemic, either)! Click below to enlarge!

Wanna see more shirts from this sartorial series? Just click here!

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

IRON MAN Painting! Rare 1979 John Romita, Sr. Original Comic Art! Marvel!

One of the fondest memories for us aging Marvel fans involves the short-lived "Marvel Novel Series." These pulpy prose publications popped up (in drug stores and small book shops), almost without notice or fanfare, and were always unexpected treats, in those days before the Marvel media and movie invasion so evident today! In addition to movie-like (and movie-length) tales within, the exteriors of these paperbacks sported then-rare paintings of the characters, making these offerings a double-treat! Click below to enlarge a rare IRON MAN novel cover rough (by John Romita, Sr.), created as a guide for the final (and fabulous) Bob Larkin cover painting that adorned said publication!

Above, left: Romita's original color rough sketch, as a
guide for the final painted Larkin cover art (right)!

Thursday, January 14, 2016

More Madcap MONKEES Mania! Rare 1994 Davy Jones Interview! Archies! Mike Nesmith--Outlaw!

Snap back into fun with these pics and clips detailing the madcap musicians of mirth, the Monkees! Click images below to enlarge!

Above: The Monkees arrive in cold climes! Possibly for a show in Winnipeg?

Above: The band on set, filming a musical segment that highlights
the song, "Valleri!" Note Davy Jones atop a lifting crane that will
soon zoom him up and away from the rest of the group, for an
unusual visual effect!

Above: Even the ARCHIE gang gets in on the act,
in this late-60s gag page from one of the many 

ARCHIE comic books! Those wacky kids, with
their long hair!

Above two images: Clippings from a
1967 Colorado newspaper! Thanks to 
fan Robert Rowe for these!

Above: Dynamic Davy Jones belts one out with the 
group, live at the Hollywood Bowl, in 1967!

Above: The Monkees, playing live in Salt Lake City, Utah, for
the exciting concert segments of their 1968 film, HEAD!

Above: Recent article on the band's famed clash with musical Svengali, Don Kirshner!

Above: The guys pose for pics, during a photography session
for their 2nd LP release, MORE OF THE MONKEES...

Above three images: A great recent MOJO magazine article
on Michael Nesmith's post-Monkees solo career!

BONUS! Click below to listen to a snippet of a rare 1994 Davy Jones interview! Davy talks of GREASE (a stage play he was involved with then), as well as favorite MONKEES episodes, THE BRADY BUNCH, and more!

Thursday, November 19, 2015

2015 NC Comicon! Colossal Costumed Cosplay Cut-Ups! Captain America (and Marvel)!

Back from another claustrophobia-causing convention, this time the famed NC Comicon, in Durham, North Carolina! Click each pic below to enlarge!

Above: Ready to go! New shield! New helmet! Same old pants.

Above: Buster wants to be "Canine Captain America!" Uhm...

Above: Hard to miss! This must be the place…

Above: Ready to hit the con floor! 

Above: Wolverine and Rogue are always happy
to get a 3-hour lecture on con etiquette!

Above: "Did I leave my keys at home?"

Above: Me, with a great "Wednesday Addams" cosplayer!

Above: There should be a law against putting that many mirrors in an elevator!

Above: Amazing gender-twisting versions of Loki and Thor!

Above: AVENGERS ASSEMBLE! I'm joined by Hulk and Iron Man! At last!

Above: It's my frenemy, Winter Soldier!

Above three images: SHAZAM! A fabulous Captain Marvel cosplayer! Dig that detail!

Above: I know I've seen this guy before somewhere...

Above two images: Flash meets Flash! The race is on! 

Above: I meet Sharon Carter! "Agent 13" to
those of us in the spy biz. Shhhhh!

Above: Captain Kirk and Spider-Man enjoy the generous buffet spread!

Above: I give famed Neal Adams an earful! "So, BATMAN: ODYSSEY. Really?"

Above: Cosplayers gather for one of many group shots taken during the 3-day event!

Above: Good ol' Nick Fury drops by!

Above two images: Evil Ultron makes the scene!
"Bring me the (shell)head of Iron Man!"

Above: Steve Rogers and me! "Before and after?"
He even carried his own 4-F papers!

Above: Famed fandom friend Robert Clyde Allen stops to chat!

Above: "Mine's bigger than yours…"

Above three images: Unmasked at last! 
"Alas, poor Cappy, I knew him, Horatio..."

Above three images: This amazing family came to the
show as the 60s X-Men and sinister sentinel! What fun!

Above: Me and my miss, flanked by two diabolical Daleks!

Above: "You can text all ya want, honey, but I'll stick
to my Silver Age GREEN LANTERN comics!"

Above: A DR. WHO foursome!

Above: What? Yet another Winter Soldier?!

Above: The charity-minded Excelsior League (check us
out on FaceBook), line up for even more photo shoots...

Above: That tiny-titan Captain America did
not want a thing to do with me! At first….

Above: Reverse Flash and Green Arrow attacking me? And, to
throw a tiny Bucky doll at me? The fiends! have they no decency?

Above: "Say, aren't you Batman?"

Above three images: Meeting with the great Steve Barr (who runs the
marvelous charity that provides art supplies and "chalk talk" visits
to kids in hospitals), and his once-hospital bound young friend, Paris! 

Above: A nicely-staged pro pic, and...

…the taking and arranging of the above power-packed pic!

Above: Another guy who looks oddly familiar! And, we're
each getting "photo-bombed" by some real oddballs!

Above: Rocked by the Shocker! When have you ever seen this Spider-Man villain cosplayed?

Above: "What a ridiculous costume!"

Above: About sums it up! Sunday rolled around, and this was 
how everyone felt! Thanks to Allyson Bigley, Taylor Handy, and O'Brien Howard 
for contributing many of the above pics!

Above: Just had to include this panel from a 1975 IRON MAN
comic. "The more things change, the more they stay the same…"